What is Friends on Feet?



Childs footAuthors of The Smart Parents’ Guide love Friends on Feet because they:

  • Help develop feet muscles
  • Support the development of balance
  • Can help with developing the sense of Left and Right
  • Help sensitive children transition to child care or kindy with fewer tears
  • Cassee is great for children with sensitive feet
  • Encourage imaginative play on the go
  • Are highly adaptable to your child’s developmental needs



You’ll love Friends on Feet because:

  • feet in waterYou can RECYCLE US! Friends on Feet are made from recyclable eco friendly EVA, click HERE to find out more about EVA
  • Friends on Feet provide room for little toes to spread naturally, to find out more about what little feet need click vic.gov.au
  • You can easily wash your Friends, all inners are removable.  Click HERE to find out how to remove inners and inner moulds
  • Your child can wear Friends in different colour combinations by swapping the inners around
  • Your child could wear your Friends as beach shoes, camping shoes, kindy shoes, gardening shoes, go anywhere shoes
  • Your child can take and wear your Friends where you want to go
  • Your child can name their Friends
  • Your child can have as much fun with their Friends as their imagination allows
  • Your child can tuck their Friends in their sleeping bags when you need your child to have a nap
  • You don’t have to carry around that security blanket / toy any longer.

Children’s shoes don’t need to be just shoes. Friends on Feet is a new experience and what could be a “solution” to some emotional and developmental needs experienced by and required by some children. We are a new security blanket and a new sensory orientated tactile product that carers don’t have to carry.

You know kids need shoes these days, and shoes should encourage good balance development and let toes spread naturally. Friends on Feet do all these things and more. Our approach is to provide a functional product that carers can use everyday that doubles as a child’s security blanket Friend, that can be taken, or more directly, worn, everywhere. In addition to those benefits, our sensory special needs children are loving the tactile inners.

DCF 1.0Have you ever experienced the difficulties of separating when dropping children off at childcare?

What about kids who live between 2 different households?

What about having to go out without that toy that your child refuses to leave home without that you know you’ll have to carry eventually?





sleepingEver listened to stories of bed time tantrums?  Have you got a sensory child who doesn’t like normal shoes or a special needs child who wants something different?  Read what Mums of such children have had to say about Friends on Feet KIDSPOT LINK




What we’ve done is create a functional product that kids can take wherever they go, carers don’t have to carry and enhances positive development of children and childcare organisations can utilise within the early learning framework.

Now children want to wear their shoes, they’re happy to leave other toys behind that you might have to carry. Lessen the tears, give the child some control and presto, an easier transition, less upset for the child and a happier carer.  Put their security blanket on their feet. ” Hey Johnny, remember to take your Friends with you, put them on your feet because that’s where they can look after you”

Recreated to contribute to the healthy development of children through fun and imagination and also focusing on keeping shoes on and feet safe.

Friends on Feet are more than JUST shoes. Friends on Feet are a potential solution to a few problems carers face every day.

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